Kids Kino Project

  • Kids Kino Project is a goodwill social cinema project for displaced children, delving into the power of community space and shared stories through cinema.
  • KKP provides an opportunity for escape, community and social occasion through cinema.
  • KKP is a cultural exchange. We learn and teach, and teach and lean.
  • KKP acts as a witness to events in our times. It is an act of solidarity.
  • KKP works with children who have lost their homes, while supporting families and volunteers during times of upheaval.
  • KKP works locally, reaching out to share our stories and practice and hone our skills of workshop delivery and film screening.
  • KKP is lead by the people who come to meetings and have an interest in how cinema can transform.
  • Kids Kino Project meets the first Tuesday of every month at Cube – YOU are invited. To get involved or find out more, email

Kids Kino Project is made up of volunteers from Cube Cinema, Bristol. Teams have visited Haiti in 2010, 2011 and again in 2012, Nepal in 2015, Dunkirk refugee camp twice in 2016 and Palestine in 2019.

KKP is keen to develop the work we do by building on connections made with people and places, and are currently raising funds to make a return trip to Palestine in Autumn 2020.

We also work locally, within our own communities, doing workshops, screenings and facilitating cultural exchange with children and young people in Bristol

If you would like to donate and support the trip, please come along to a fundraising event or DONATE HERE. 


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