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Martin Kobler interviewed by Rory MacLean

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Sinema anba zetwal/ (Cinema under the stars)

Cinema Under The Stars has been working with Haiti Kids Kino Project. They are a Haitian run organisation screening films. Here is some more information about the great work they do.



A Platform For Haiti

17 weeks

52 neighborhoods

260 presentations

To appease, teach, learn, console, share, distribute, give, advise, unite, create, express, love, advance… To rebuild the minds and hearts of our fellow Haitians in these times of distress.

Our Program at a Glance

Rigorous programming of fiction and documentary films bringing locals together in the spirit of education, intellectual emancipation and socio economic & human development Social, artistic and technical interventions 4 simultaneous sites offering a large number of people in the same area topics and ideas to discuss, ponder and analyze Interactive workshops around relevant themes including: dealing with the trauma, family planning, housing, ect…A channel for relief distribution

Who is SAZ-Sinema Anba Zetwa?

FastForward HAITI and MWÈM Foundation have been alive and active in the Haitian community since 2002.Through Sinema Anba Zetwal Cinema Under the Stars, FastForward HAITI and the MWEM Foundation have created a setting where local Haitian communities can come together and share the experience of viewing and learning from documentaries and films produced (mostly) by-Haitians for-Haitians; all this, in a conscious effort to give viewers an important opportunity to look at themselves, their culture, and their patrimony objectively. The SAZ-Sinema Anba Zetwal team is made up of members from both these respective institutions and also of young professionals that have a serious interest in inspiring positive changes in our communities. SAZ is a dynamic team with the hard-earned experience of 5 previous Sinema Anba Zetwal tours in the North, South and Port-au-Prince (West) areas of Haiti. The Food For Souls tour is dedicated to our Haitian brothers and sisters who have lost loved- ones, their homes, and in some cases, absolutely everything.

What we do

Our approach and goal aim to socially and culturally reinforce our nation at a time where she needs us most. Our sole mission is to elevate our Haitian culture using educational multi-mass-media tools/technology to spread knowledge & raise awareness throughout the Haitian territory.


To teach through entertainment, about civil matters, health, tolerance and environmental issues, all of which are rarely promoted in our schools and/or the Haitian community.

To offer our platform to international aid entities as a channel for relief distribution. To distribute useful products and goods through raffles and donations, provided by our faithful sponsors. To do our part in aiding our fellow Haitians in their pursuit of education in offering multimedia internships to students from across the country.

To introduce established musicians to our audiences, with performances about love, brotherhood and unity; we also welcome less-known local performers to our stage.

To create jobs in the communities we work in by recruiting competent aspiring young professionals on our staff.

To create a setting where Interactive discussions with the public (lead by professionals) can take place.

To demystify the earthquake phenomena and to council the community on the appropriate measures of preparation in case of oncoming quakes [topic hosted by professionals in the field].

Raise awareness about civil matters most pertinent to the recent events; in an effort to help Haitians better understand this traumatic experience, and the stress disorders that may continue to follow.

To help dissipate the negative influence of ancient stereotypes that has plagued our nation since its independence.

To advocate that in deed a change is possible and to support progressive ideas of self-sufficiency.

To assist in a crucial effort to bring hope and solace to a nation riveted at its core.

How you can make a difference

Sinema Anba Zetwal is an opportunity for all participants, including our team and yours, to learn more about each other through films, videos, and productive interactions centered around Haitians and the current state of Haitian affairs. Join the team effort and take action today!

Get in touch with our dedicated team today More then ever, the time is now for us Haitians to take good look at ourselves as a people, a society, a community, a nation in a conscientious effort to unite a suffering people and perhaps raise awareness and acceptance of our collective identity and consciousness. The staff at Sinema Anba Zetwal believes that cinema and video are some of the most efficient mass Medias (able to reach, at once, thousands of displaced citizens who still don!t have access to electricity in some areas) that have the power to unite, emancipate and help put our beloved Haiti on the road toward development.