Last night in Santo Domingo… tomorrow Haiti!

Tonight’s our last night in Santo Domingo – tomorrow morning we’re off to Haiti to stay with Laurence Magloire of Sinema Anba Zetwal (cinema under the stars) in Port au Prince…. Its been a long week… circumventing  language barriers, adapting to heat and rain, buying gear, setting up mobile phones, battling obstructive customs who wanted to impound our generator (thanks to a huge effort from  esther and kari, and dave refusing to leave the customs office for five hours), making new contacts in haiti,  finally finding some good cheap eating places, and doing some long hikes through the suburbs to find the coach station. The carnival started today!  … it’s jaw dropping …  there will probably be stragglers on the streets when we get up to go to the bus tomoro. we managed to get down to the parade for a couple of hours before packing tonight.  (see the photos) we’re off for one rum and coke before bed.
and then tomorrow, haiti and a different world… Marko and Dave

this guy wanted a photo taken of him with his sister and nieces after he hit me on the head with a pillow

teenagers dancing before the carnival... looking scary without being scary

teenagers dancing before the carnival… looking scary without being scary

Dominican Republic flag face paint…

Dominican Republic flag face paint…

troupe waiting to join the parade

the last troupe waiting to join the parade…

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