4 nights at Pinchinat

Last night was the 4th spent in Parc Pinchinat, formerly a football field, it has housed a tent camp since the earthquake.
We originally planned to do just 3 nights, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, but Friday got rained off (after a fun afternoon of playing with the kids though, including a stars in yours eyes singing contest!) and so Marko and Gary returned for a 3rd night of films on Monday night (I was ill).
Saturday went off without a hitch, pictures of that soon. But for now, here’s some pictures of sunday night’s screening which was interrupted by a heavy downpour forcing us to hurriedly move the cinema into a USaid shelter mid-film, a bit of a panic but the atmosphere with everyone huddled into the little shack was really wonderful!

Our abandoned outdoor screen-

Gary and Marko playing with the kids earlier that afternoon-

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