Films that we screen in Haiti

Some people asked what we were screening over in Haiti – here you go….

Shorts – some of the classics that always work.

La Belle Fille et La Sorciere ( short 3 mins – a great crowd pleaser and great intro)
Sean the Sheep – Loads of Episodes – ones that worked – ‘The Bull’, ‘Kite’ and ‘Circus’
Ti Sentaniz ( 35 mins – audience favourite as it is in Kreyol – with strong social message)
The Baby by Les Rescapes – Haitian slap stick. This episode the favourite, Park one also good.
Some HKKP videos made by UK kids and Haitian kids.
Magic Gourd – Haitian student film – works well.
Josh Sanquist ( This is a great short video with Kreyol voice over about amputees playing sports)
Red Balloon ( 40 mins – massive crowd pleaser – standing crowds cheering! Unbelievable reaction every time)
We show footage from previous days at camps – kids performing etc, they love this!

Features – All films in French.

Kirikou et La Sorciere – Magical Baby saves village from Sorcerer in Africa – Firm fave, and a great film.
Le Ballon d’Or (Boy from village in Guinea wants to be best footballer in Africa – great adventure)
Kirikou et Les Betes Sauvages (Kirikou 2 – good but less action that first film)
Robin Du Bois – (Robin Hood disney cartoon) – Good one but a lot of talking that loses audience at times.
Princess and the Frog – Disney animation set in New Orleans – lots of Voodoo and action, worked well.

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