Our First Screening

After delays with the generator which would not start and various technical problems with the 110v genny and transformers we finally did our first screening on Sunday. We visited the camp by Belval Plaza the day before and watched a big group of people, young and older practicing their march/dance for Haiti Flag Day in may.

The next evening we used a barrow guy to transport our stuff to the camp.  The kids were amazing in the talent show before just as Alex, Gary and Marko (the previous HKKP team) had told us.

The kids were very playful, welcoming, a real pleasure to be with. Everyone was pleased to see the return of HKKP. The camp has reduced since the last trip which is good as many people have been housed and have moved on.

The Kirikou film went down very well with everyone, from really young to adults. The petrol ran out right at the the end but we got the show back up in 2 minutes just in time for the last scenes and credits.

Today the genny got fixed by waldo a mechanic friend of Berlynes. We plan to do another screening there tonight and Tuesday.

We are settling in to Leogane. Finding the good food stalls, the good shops, the market. Its very hot, dusty and busy but beautiful, vibrant and exciting.




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