We are at the famous Jakmel Kanaval. Yesterday before we left Leogane I saw this guy marching down the street in his best suit.

Jakmel is crazy. The whole town is in the throng of Carnival. They make big papier mache heads and torsos some of which are very elaborate and sculptural and take upto 4 months to build. There are also mad demonic characters who scare people, death mask figures who walk very slowly in a line, almost tip-toeing, humming bird princesses, tall King and Queen puppets and dancing soldier-men parodies with big teeth and military attire.

Ive performed in many carnivals mostly on stilts with Kevin and Im finding it weird to be a spectator. Kind of wished Kev was here so we could both tear up the crowds with some Moko Jumby action, the crowds are really responsive to mischeif from the Masqueraders.

The Mardis Gras have broken up for lunch/rest now and the parade is later, which I think is the big floats with massive bands onboard.

Jakmel couldnt be more different from Leogane. Lots of big buildings here whereas in Leogane almost every single concrete structure was destroyed.




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