Namaste from Kathmandu

So preparations for the team arriving tomorrow are going well.  We’ve been scouting out and arranging locations to screen here in Kathmandu, working with our local team getting the poles made for the screen, buying all sorts of bits and bobs including rope, solar lights, a hammer and even some tennis balls to go on the end of the guide rope pegs!

I’ve been here two weeks so far and am very excited we’ll have the films rolling within a few days.  Everyone we’ve spoken to here is excited and intrigued to have us bringing a bit of cinematic magic into their lives.

Safe travels Scruff, Alex and Dave – see you at the airport.  Here’s a pic of black Kali from Kathmandu Durbar Square the Goddess of Time, Change, Power, Creation, Preservation, and Destruction.
Black Kali

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