Nepal in numbers

It looks increasingly unlikely that we will return to Nepal in 2016. Partly this is because we don’t currently have volunteers that are in a position to travel for the length of time that a trip would require. Since the refugee crisis in Europe escalated so terribly last summer we have wanted to bring KKP to camps closer to home, and we are now planning trips to Europe beginning shortly.

Before we turn away from Nepal, at least for now, I wanted to provide some numbers for the month long trip. It’s hard to know exactly what to touch upon so if there’s more detail you’d like to know then please get in touch.

KKP in Nepal – November/December 2015

Days in Nepal 30
Screenings 17
Total audience (estimated) c1000
Films made by children 90
Volunteers in Nepal 3 (+1 for the first week)
Volunteers supporting from home c10
Flight miles 4666
Driving miles in Nepal (rough estimate) 230
Flights £1100
Living expenses for volunteer team £1650
Driver + vehicle (inc fuel) for screenings £750
Kit (screen + poles, generator, assorted other bits e.g. extensions cords, lanterns etc) £1000
 Total £4500 

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