Hi from the Dominican Republic

We're in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic... the journey went surprisingly smoothly (so far!) and we got to our
hotel with all the bags and kit intact late last night...
Today we had a long conversation with  an american guy, Chris from you NYC, who had come to Haiti on his own to 
volunteer and was there for the last five weeks, now on his way home
We got lots of useful advice and info from him and a couple of very good contacts - Love a Child children's hospital 
just west of the border town Jimani , and Lesley Pinard a Haitian guy  with DR diplomatic clearance who is based in a 
wharehouse in port au prince and is  travelling around 7 tent cities with spanish doctors doing mobile medical clinics.
Chris  says the UN and amercan army is barely visible where he was working  in Port au Prince , you only ever see them 
in cars. .. . the only outsiders doing anything useful are volunteer organisations.
While conditions are very seriously bad over there , he said the Haitian people are very friendly and welcoming and he 
had no experience of violence . but he did stess the importance of hooking up with other organisations for transport, 
accomodation and food
His main concern was the coming rains (which will get seriously bad in May) because of the lack of working sewage system.
He was also very positive about our project - and instantly got it .... for morale raising and he also pointed out the 
importance to parents and carers to have a break as kids watch films...
so we're feeling optimistic and energised!
will be here for a few days preparing (and going back to Punta Cana airport to  pick up the generator on Thursday)
Marko and David

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