Delmar 33 revisited…Kreyol Lessons for HKKP beginners – Lesson 1

A lot of people in Haiti speak a little French, which is why we show films in French – but Kreyol is the real language of the people and definitely the language of our audience.The structure of the language comes from West African languages while most of the words come from French.Kreyol is written phonetically, but for a French accent, so we’ve invented our own phonetic spellings –
Children’s Cinema                     Sinema Pou Timoun
How are you?                            Comment oo yay?
Fine                                             Mwa byen
My name is …                            Mwa rer-lay….
What’s your name?                  Ki jan oo rer-lay?
Do you have…?                         Oo ganya… ?
Where is…. ?                             Coo-tay … ?
Bral appren Kreyol.                 I’m going to learn Kreyol.<

Kids invade our pickup truck at the camp on Route Delmar 33 – Saturday afternoon Sergo our driver and team member is in the top left photo

After being rained off at Delmar 33 on Thursday, we went back and did a show on Saturday. As the camp is on a football pitch, we showed Ballon D’Or a film about a boy from a rural village in Guinea who wants to become the best footballer in Africa.

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