Les Rescapes ont tout perdu, sauf leur humour! *

On Saturday we did a joint show with Kid’s Kino friends Thomas, Luxon and Stanley from the Haitian comedy company Les Rescapes (The Survivors). Both Stanley and Luxon are living in camps in Delmar – not so far from tonight’s gig.

Les Rescapes perform silent slapstick and farce influenced by Charlie Chaplin, Mr. Bean and Benny Hill.  They did a ten minute sketch before the screening and then we showed three of the their short films between the other films of the evening…

envoyé par digiprod. – Cliquez pour voir plus de vidéos marrantes.

At the moment they’re working on new material based around the earthquake, which will be amazing… we’ll feature it on the blog when it comes out. The screening was in the grounds of the Belgian Consulate – there’s a camp there on what was formerly the tennis courts, about 800 people are living there and in the adjoining area. The consul’s mother, the irrepressible Madame Francoise has been running children’s play schools there every day. During the two afternoons we were there we did video workshops with some of the children – you can see a couple of clips in the posting below…
* the survivors have lost everything … except their sense of humour

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