HKKP 2011 – NEWS

HKKP intended to return to Haiti this January, to show films in public places, bringing communities together – however, due to the Cholera outbreak and increased risk of infection, we are postponing the visit.

Currently HKKP is carrying on with awareness and fundraising activities, and the team are planning to return October 2011 to show and make films.

If cholera is still likely to be present then, this gives us enough time to plan screenings for smaller groups who are already congregated – such as those in hospitals, schools, orphanages, thereby ensuring that our activities are not increasing infection risk to anyone.

Obviously we are frustrated that we can’t get out there now to provide support and escape for people now, but the HKKP team are committed to returning as soon as it can be done responsibly.

Between now and October, we hope to bring outdoor, community cinema to new locations in the UK for children. If you are interested in us visiting you, please get in touch.

Please return to this site to see what events, screenings and children’s activities we have coming up over 2011.

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