Fireflys at Camp Bois Beouf

Heres some pictures of our screenings at the Bois Beouf camp.

The children where really pleased to see a return of HKKP.

Using the little flip cams they made some films tours of the camp, we also shot more slow-motion jumps and footie,  they all loved watching the results, lots of laughs.
Later we settled down under the Mango tree to watch the feature film, I watched fire flies, weaving in and out of the trees branches as the darkness descended.

The camp housing is very unusual in design, it reminds me of Buckminster Fuller architecture. Most of the people here are earthquake refugees from Port-au-Prince, a friendly woman tells us, next year they’ll move out of the camp, the camp seems peaceful and quite, a complete contrast to the hectic hustle and bustle of Port-au-Prince.

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