DJ Ciccone and the zombies

19th of feb Carnival night here again
Ciccone calls us and proposes the idea of playing a DJ set from our balcony which is situated on the main Karnival drag.  He wants to pump out some UK hardcore electro dub-core to the Jacmel revelers and see how it goes down…we say yes. Inbetween the Ra-Ra bands, Ciccone blasts out his delirious set to the audience below, on the street Jessica dances Poi and a circle of onlookers gather around her, the contrast between the Carnival Horn Ra-Ra bands and the electro insanity of his passion will be remembered. We dance to a twisted version of ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ and share a moment for Whitney Huston.

Had a really good conversation with Arraon who runs the arts center here, he’s very interetsed in what we’re doing and if the project continues wants to work with us on it, great news for any furture work here.

Later on I follow a most surreal and compelling Voodoo zombie procession, one of the kids from camp Poi sees me in the crowd and takes me by the hand together we follow the spectacle, of the likes I’ve never seen.

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