day in Leogane

A Day (and evening) in Leogane

After a hot morning in the back of the pick up truck trying to find a working ATM  (it turned out the Visa connection to Haiti is down), we drove over to Leogane. Leogane’s a country town about an hour from Port au Prince and was at the epicentre of the earthquake – it sustained some of the most severe damage.

Driving around the town we bumped into some international volunteers from Hands On Disaster Relief…  and went over to their base to say hello.  Behind their compound there’s a big field with the first cows we’ve seen in Haiti grazing it.  On either side of the field there are people living in tent camps so we decided to do a screening that evening…

We started setting up late afternoon and  children quickly started appearing from both camps… by the time it actually god dark and we started the films we had a good crowd of about 150 – mostly children.

We're going to go back to Leogane in a weeks time and stay for a few days.

Downtown Leogane

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