Camp next to cinema Leogane

HKKP was in Leogane from Thurs to Mon doing screenings,  Children’s video workshops and  video post cards. It rained every night we were there.

Adjoining the field where we held the screenings, there was one of a number of camps in the area that were hit by flooding. We walked around the camps daily telling the kids about the cinema.

Haiti update, Hands on base Leogane

We arrived at the Hands On Disaster Relief base in Leogane late on Thursday, bit of a rush to get our tents up, John Adams our interpreter was lucky enough to get a bunk for the night. Then onto three video post cards made by the children in the camp at Delmar 95 (plenty of arrhhh’s from the audience followed by applause’s). ‘Hedgehog in the Fog’ was next and much appreciated. Then it was time for the feature which was chosen by election with ‘Inglorious’ gaining the most votes. But unfortunately the rain came in very heavy and fast ended our screening for the eve. The equipment was saved though as there was plenty of people to help.

Geni goes to A&E

On Wednesday  our generator broke down sparking some panic as all of our equipment was dependent on it.

So as we we’re having a break in a hotel we hauled it over to a friends house Craig Lapp and with his help and tools we managed to clean her out and get her working again. The problem was bad fuel bought from Texaco which days before had killed Craig’s motorbike.

Craig Lapp giving the geni a once over

After stripping the geni down and cleaning the fuel tank, pipes, filter, pump she was back in service….though we had a few nuts and bolts left over(?) On Wednesday we gave it a full test as we had a screening and it seemed to work perfectly.