Ghede – Day of the Dead

This week it was Ghede, the celebrations around the vodou day of the dead, and on Wednesday night we went to a vodou ceremony.  Back in January HKKP put on a night of films about Vodou at the Cube Cinema as a fund raiser for this trip – and also to try and  counter balance the misleading image of vodou that has been spread by Hollywood mythology around the world. In fact vodou must be one of the misrepresented religions in the world…

Our experience on Wednesday was one of social celebration with drumming, singing, dancing… (and quite a lot of rum).

If you’re interested in finding out more about Vodou, two films we’d recommend searching out are Laurence Magloire’s Des Hommes et Dieux, and Maya Derren / Teiji Ito’s Divine Horsemen.

Hello Haiti from Filton College

Big thanks to Claire Simmons and all the media students at Filton College for making us this great film to take out with us and show to kids in Haiti. It’ll be so much fun screening it as they’ve given us the inflatable globe featured in the film to toss out into the audiences in Haiti, as well as the flag with scores of greetings from the Filton students. The students also staged a fundraising cabaret show and donated the proceeds to HKKP, allowing us to put on yet more screenings out in Haiti, so again, huge thanks to all of you at Filton College who made this happen!


Here are three videos shot in March by young artists from the Ti Moun Resistans group. Tele Geto is their project to document day to day life in the ghettoes of Port au Prince and share their experiences through the internet with the rest of the world.

The group initially formed during the December 2009 Ghetto Bienalle held in the thriving artistic community of Grand Rue which was organised by UK photographer and HKKP friend Leah Gordon.  The equipment used by the group was sourced by another UK friend of HKKP – John Cussans… he tells the fascinating story behind the project in a podcast on London Fields Radio here.

The films have been shown in London in July as part of an artistic collaboration with young people from Morpeth school in London’s East End

Six Months after the earthquake in Haiti

This week it’s six months since the earthquake of 12th January 2010, when 300,000 people died and one and a half million people were made homeless.

Here’s one radio and one video piece recommended by readers of this blog, Ali and Aaron,  that ask  relevant questions like…

– Why with thousands of foreign NGOs in the country was Haiti a continuously failing state even before the earthquake?

– Six months after the earthquake, why has only 10% of the money promised by international donor governments reached Haiti?

Democracy Now! video piece                                                   

This American Life, radio article                                      

Interviews with audience members at HKKP film night at Tapis Vert camp in Cite Soleil, Port au Prince.  April 2010.