Camp Chatulet Marche

Camp Chatulet Marche 9th feb.

After test setting up the new frame in the morning we returned to Camp Chatulet, next to the local market in Leogan and visible from the roof of our apartment. The camp felt more exposed than Bel Vel, which was situated in a shady mango grove, with its own stream and bar showing football matches.

Chatulet is in a large field, with views of distant mountains and a few pigs and cattle wandering about. The camp had been full after the earthquake and is now quieter, people have moved on to more permanent accommodation. The extra space created room for the kids and older you to play football, with our screen looking like an oversize set of goal posts. Seemed like a fitting location to screen Balon d’Or, after kicking off with Shawn the Sheep. It was great to see the English countryside, albeit in plasticine! We got the frame up and kept fingers crossed hoping against rain, it worked for a while, soon as we go back home it started to kick it down. A desk from our apartment provided a solid surface to project from, and handy storage space, all very civilised!

Having loaded most of the kit onto a wheel barrow we were able to walk through the town to the camp. Arriving on foot enabled us to the chat to people en route and kept costs down, something not possible from a vehicle. We returned for a second night at Chatulet to an excited welcome from the kids. Some hugely talented young singers and rappers kept everybody entertained before the films, watch out!

Our guide Berlyne with her husband Guido, sister and baby Moonie aged 25 days!